Land Rover Key Fob Battery Replacement

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Do you need to know how to replace a Land Rover key fob battery? The Land Rover Newport Beach service team can help! Land Rover key fob battery replacement is a simple, straightforward job. We’ve laid out everything you need to know in three steps. If you run into trouble or decide you’d rather save time, you can quickly and easily schedule service at our dealership.

How to Replace a Land Rover Key Fob Battery

If your Land Rover key fob battery is running low, a “SMART KEY BATTERY LOW” message should appear on your dashboard. If you’re having trouble with your key, but don’t see this message, it’s not a bad idea to replace the battery and see if that fixes the problem. If you have multiple keys for a single vehicle, you’ll want to change all of the batteries at the same time.

First, you’ll need to pick up a single CR2032 type battery from our parts department, or from another supplier in Newport Beach or Irving. Once you have that, you’re ready to get started:

  1. Learning how to open the Land Rover key fob isn’t difficult. You’ll just need to press the black button to remove the metal key from its casing, and once this is done, pry the key fob apart using a flathead screwdriver.
  2. Remove the old battery, and lay the new CR2032 battery into position with the positive side facing up. Try not to touch the new battery any more than you have to, since the oils and moisture from your fingers may shorten its life.
  3. Place the two sides of the battery casing back together, and press them gently until you hear the components click into place. Then reinsert the metal key to keep everything locked in place.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully replaced your Land Rover key fob battery. If you still see the on-screen error message or have ongoing issues with your fob, let us know!

Land Rover Key Care Tips

Your Land Rover key fob connects you to some of your vehicle’s most useful features—and of course, it’s also the gateway to your vehicle. If you want to make sure that your Land Rover key fob battery lasts as long as possible, just follow these tips:

  • Keep your key fob out of the heat and sun. These can shorten the battery life or even impact the key fob’s performance over the long term. Don’t keep your fob in the garage, and remember that cold and dust can have negative impacts as well.
  • Remember that other radio frequencies (including frequencies from medical equipment or in-home devices) can impact your key fob’s behavior. If you have to press a button multiple times to get a response, or need to move closer to your vehicle to unlock your doors at home, this could be the root problem.

Find Trusted Land Rover Service at Land Rover Newport Beach

We’re here to help with any and all of your Land Rover service needs, and we’re easy to reach from anywhere near Newport Beach or Corona Del Mar. Take advantage of our parts and service specials if you have work to do in the near future, and get in touch with our service center if you ever have questions about your Land Rover at home.


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